Where is Julian?

Cheesecake Powerhouse

If you have an energy problem and you go to a coal power station, guess, what will they recommend?

That’s why Cheesecake is happy with calling itself a creative studio.
Not a digital agency.
Not an ad agency.
Not a brand consultancy.
A creative studio.

We don’t want to limit ourselves by any label.
Our process is pretty simple: Think. Feel. Do.

We love collaboration. The people we work with come from all kinds of backgrounds like video production, copywriting, strategy, skateboarding, graffiti or digital. That’s what we understand by interdisciplinarity. We have no clue what the future of communication will look like but we are young, small, fast, curious and entrepreneurial driven enough to embrace change as an opportunity.

We like to do things, not just talking about doing. That’s why we should stop

Founded in Berlin 2012 by Chehad Abdallah, Eugenio Perazzo, Fabian Greitemann & Julian Stahl